Baga beach

Location: An extension of the Calangute beach, the Baga beach of Goa lies 10 kilometers west of Mapusa
Highlights: Best restaurants, liveliest nightlife in Goa, water sports 
How to Reach: Baga beach can be reached easily from Mapusa and Panaji by buses, cabs and auto rickshaws.
Located at a distance of around 10 kilometers from Mapusa, the Baga beach of Goa is considered to be an extension of the Calangute beach. Though the starting point of the Baga beach and the ending point of Calangute beach is not
known, the Baga beach can be reached easily from the Calangute beach. Considered to be a beautiful beach in India, the Baga beach is quite popular with tourists who come here for enjoying the natural beauty of the exotic locales.
The scenery of the Baga beach is picture perfect and even the worst photographer can click some good pictures here! The Baga River flows into the sea near the beach and the conjuncture of the river and the sea, one can find many rocks against which the waves crash thus giving it a dramatic look. Baga beach has unarguably the best nightlife in Goa and is frequented by mostly British tourists.
Most of the people, who want to enjoy the nightlife of Baga beach, go to Tito's which has a disco floor and a mind blowing music system. Couples and single men have to pay to enter while women are allowed in for free. Baga beach has no dearth of food and you can find some of the best range of restaurants in Goa over here. Baga beach is famous for its beach shacks that serve local cuisine which is absolutely scrumptious. In case you are not the experimenting types, you can also find swanky pizzerias as well as roof top cafes that serve amazing espresso coffee. So come to Baga beach and enjoy the serene beauty of the beach while you sip a cup of hot espresso.