Terekhol fort

Location: Terekhol River, North Goa 
Highlights: Heritage hotel in one part of the fort, Church of St. Anthony 
How to Reach: Terekhol fort can be reached easily by hiring a taxi or an auto from any place in the north of Goa.
The Terekhol fort is located in the northern tip of Goa. It is situated on the mouth of the Terekhol River and was built by the ruler of Sawantwadi, Maharaja Khem Sawant Bhonsle.
The Terekhol fort of Goa was built during the 17th century. The Terekhol fort was given legal recognition as a part of Goa around 1788. The fort was rebuilt in 1764 by the Portuguese viceroy in India named Dom Pedro Miguel de Almeida. The Terekhol fort is often visited by tourists who come here to enjoy the peaceful surroundings and scenic locales.
During the year 1825, the Terekhol fort was used as a military base for an attack on the Portuguese by Dr. Bernado Peres Da Silva. He was the first viceroy who was born in Goa itself. However his efforts were futile and the Portuguese took over the Terekhol Fort again. The fort was abandoned however, once the Portuguese left. The fort is now in ruins though a part of it has been converted into a heritage hotel.
The fort also houses a church inside its premises which is known as the St. Anthony church. The church is usually not open for public to visit. However, during certain occasions like its annual feast, the church is open for the public as well. The annual feast of the St. Anthony church takes place during the month of May. The Terekhol fort stands strong till date and makes an interesting testimony of history.