Aguada beach

Aguada beach is located in the north of Goa and 4km away from Sinquerim beach in Goa. With its exotic tropical beauty the pristine Aguada beach attracts tourists all over the world and India just like bees are attracted towards fresh blossoms. The people of frigid regions where sunrays don't reach adequately flock to India, especially Goa, for its vast array of sun-bathed beaches. That is the reason Goa beaches including Aguada beach look so colorful and vibrant withso many visitors of different regions of the world gathered together
. However the sole attraction of the Aguada beach is the historical edifice- Fort Aguada built by the Portugese in the 16th century.
The Fort of Aguada was built by the Portuguese to defend Goa from the attacks of the invaders and to stop foreign intruders or enemies from entering through the River Mandovi. The fortification borders the seashore. From the bulwark of Fort Aguada, one can get a breath-taking view of the golden beaches encompassing the borders of the Maharashtra. At the center of the fortress is a spherical lighthouse tower which was probably built in 1864. If one manages to reach the summit of the lighthouse, then the fantastic sight of Cabo Raj Niwas can be viewed. Presently,the Fort presently houses the central jail.
Besides the panoramic view of the fort and the beach, there are also several other things in Aguada beach that are worthy of interest. There are some wonderful churches that impress the tourists with their serene and blissful atmosphere. The silence is only perturbed by the sudden call of an unknown bird amidst nature or the crashing sound of waves and sometimes by the noisy visitors. Reis Magos that overlooks the Reis Magos church is also worth visiting asthis church, built in 1555, offers a spellbinding view of the Mandovi river. After entering this church one suddenly discovers himself surrounded by colors of all possible colours because of the big windows adorned by multi-hued glasses. Reis Magos church encloses the tombs of three viceroys.
The Aguada Beach with powdery golden sand, stunning vista of blue marine waters and historical Aguada fort that tells unknown tales of its past and churches is a great destination for touring.