Betul Beach

Betul is a place located in the Salcete side of Goa. This place is a one hour distance from Margao. Betul is known for its Betul beach and the cool climate here.
people live together and the evenings are really splendid where all the youngsters and women come together for a small chat. Fishing is the primary occupation here. The Mariott hotel is also situated in Betul. Many people are unaware of this place as it is in the interior,
a Village like place consisting of many huts and not more than 60 individual houses.
Betul beach is situated along the southern part of Goa. Betul Beach Comparatively a small beach, it is located along the southern end of the Sal river in Goa.
Betul is also an important fishing port as all the deep sea trawlers and fishing boats bring in their catch here. There are boats on hire and regular ferries that take you across from Mobor. It is a famous beach of south Goa known for the cheap and fresh seafood supply. Here one can find some of the largest mussels of Goa.
For accommodation there is a nice restaurant here that also serves delicious river fish dishes. The secluded beach here that is shaded by fruit trees and coconut palms makes it quite picturesque.