Canaguinim beach

Canaguinim beach is another south Goa beach that is situated to the south of the Betul beach. The beach has a low wall around it and also has some rocks and a river inlet at the end. It is a sandy and stony beach situated in the Quepem taluka. There are also a number of rooms for rent found here for accommodation.
Near the Canaguinim beach one can find a number of smaller Goan beaches. Before reaching Canaguinim one comes across a beach called Zorint beach that can be reached from a fresh water stream via a small valley situated to the south of a stony plateau. Due to this reason the beach is usually deserted.
After the Canaguinim beach
one comes across the Nuvem beach that is a tiny beach which has
red and black stones. There are many buses that run from Margao to Cabo De Rama (which is situated nearby) that stop at Canaguinim.
Canaguinim beach is the last beach on the south of Central South Goa, as you can see on the map below. Actually we should say Canaguinim beaches, because there are 2 beaches in Canaguinim: one 300 meters long, and a tiny creek.First, let's have a look at the map  showing the location of Canaguinim beach.