Dr. Salim Ali Bird sanctuary

Location: Chorao Island on the Mandovi River, Goa
Highlights: 400 species of birds, local and migratory
Best Time to Visit: October to March 
How to Reach: From Panaji, one can take a cab, auto or bus till the Ribandar ferry dock and take a ferry across the Mandovi River to the island.
Dr. Salim Ali Bird sanctuary is one of the most famous bird sanctuaries in India. It has been named after the famous ornithologist of India, Dr. Salim Ali. This bird sanctuary is one of the smallest bird sanctuaries in Goa
and is spread over an area of just 1.8 square kilometers. Even though it is small, it has a variety of species of birds and plants. Numerous tourists visit this sanctuary to observe the delightful winged creatures. Dr. Salim Ali bird sanctuary houses not just local but exotic migratory birds as well. In order to visit this sanctuary, one must seek the permission of Chief Wild Life Warden, Forest Department of Panaji.
The sanctuary is rich in flora growth and one can see a thick covering of mangrove vegetation here. The flora cover is very fertile over here the mangrove ecology is considered to be the best for birds, fish and insects to multiply. They provide thick shelter for the birds and are their natural abodes.
Here one can find local as well as migratory birds. The best time to see the migratory birds is right after the monsoons around the month of October to March. The weather is quite pleasant then and the birds come here in plenty. One can find kingfishers, pintails, coots, egrets, etc. among the birds. If you are observant you may also spot crocodiles, jackals and foxes.